Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Heard back from Rewind 94.9

Got the following email from Jay Kruz, a DJ at Rewind 94.9:

Hi Carolyn,

Thanks for writing. We appreciate honest and candid feedback from our listeners on how our station is serving them. I am sorry to hear that you were not happy with your Class Reunion Lunch playlist. We truly value our listener participation and will use your constructive feedback as we continue our Class Reunion Lunch feature.

I’d like try to make things right and want to make sure you enjoy a “Lunch” on us with a gift certificate to Jeff Ruby’s Carlo and Johnny restaurant. Please reply back with your full name and phone number so we can have the certificate available to pick up from our receptionist at our studios.

I sincerely hope you’ll continue to listen to and be a part of The New Rewind 94.9.

All the best,


Today I went down to the station to pick up my lunch gift certificate. I figured while I was down there I may as well get that DVD that I won, that I didn't want to pick up before. I still don't want the DVD, but hey, it is mine. Maybe I can sell it. While I was down there Jay Kruz came out to meet me. He told me that "they" talked about my comments and that "they" take comments and suggestions seriously. So what ever that really means, I guess it's nice that they didn't just ignore my email. Maybe other folks who participate in the Class Reunion Lunch will actually get the songs they picked played on the air.

Over all I'm very pleased with how they handled my complaint.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Dear Humana

This is an email that I sent to Humana. I just wanted them to know that I think their customer service stinks. I have as little hope of them responding to this letter as I did to them taking care of any of these bills in a timely manner.

I would just like to say that I am extremely unsatisfied with the service that I have received from Humana. When my son was born on _________, my husband added him to our insurance policy. Humana did not add my son to our policy until January 1,_________. This led to a pile of bills between those dates that were not our responsibility to pay. My husband and myself have been on the phone dozens of times with the hospital and with Humana, trying to sort out these various bills. Over and over again, all Humana has to say is to tell my hospital to resubmit the bills. And over and over again the bills were not paid. It took months for most of these bills to ever get resolved, during which we continued to get bills in the mail saying we were late with payment. This alone is completely embarrassing because those bills were not my responsibility. In the end, it seems all of those bills were paid except one. Yesterday I received a letter from a collections agency. I felt like I was punched in the stomach. I am an honest person and I pay my debts. I feel infuriated to have a collections agency after me for money that is not my responsibility to pay. It all makes me completely sick to my stomach. I feel hopeless when dealing with your company. Each time I call to try to resolve these bills I feel like your people are running me in circles. I feel like no one really cares and that no one really wants to help. Your customer service is a joke. I loathe your company. But I feel like I am stuck because my family needs health insurance. It seems I shall have to continue to "deal with the devil" so to speak.

(I edited this from the original, removing the dates in question.)

Friday, September 18, 2009

94.9 WREW Class Reunion Lunch

I would like to express my disappointment with your Class Reunion Lunch. A month ago I got a phone call from someone at 94.9 saying that my play list was selected for the Class Reunion Lunch. Of course I was quite excited because I rarely win anything. First off, I was not impressed with the prize. The DVD was not even worth my time to go down to your offices to pick up, so I didn't bother. But I was quite excited that the songs that I selected from my graduating year were going to be played on the radio. In fact, I told all of my family and friends to tune in.

Yesterday (Sept. 17th) I tuned in to listen to my songs, and things started off OK when two of the songs I picked out where played. Then I got really annoyed when 6 songs were played that I didn't even pick. Sure, they were songs that were popular from 1995, but they were NOT songs that I selected or even like! I have to admit that I was embarrassed that my friends and family were listening to songs such as I Can Love You Like That, and assuming that I picked it out. I don't even like that song! I find it so annoying that you asked for my favorite songs from my graduating year then proceed to ignore most of my suggestions and play the songs that you think were best from that year.

I was especially frustrated because I was led to believe that songs from my actual play list would be played. Granted, you did play two songs that I picked, but what about all the other songs?? Not my picks. So what did I "win" from the Class Reunion Lunch? A crappy DVD that I didn't even want to go pick up and a bunch of songs that I don't even like. Thanks so much 94.9.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Duke Energy


I am writing to complain about your automatic Bill Pay service. EVERY SINGLE OTHER bill that I have to pay (that would be phone, cell phone, Internet, water, cable, credit cards, mortgages, etc) allows you to a) sign up online and b) pay your bill for free.

You offer neither. You have a form that has to be printed out and faxed / mailed out, and your service charges a monthly fee. True, it is only 30 cents per month but literally EVERY other company I pay has no such fee. Why would you want to discourage people from paying you automatically? It just doesn't make sense.

I understand that you contract with another company (Billpayer 2000) but every single other company has managed to figure it out so I don't know why you guys are any different.

I am very disappointed.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Kroger followup

Followup on my email to Kroger

Thank you for contacting The Kroger Co. I do apologize for your experience and I will be forwarding this report to the store director. I have also sent you out a coupon for your inconvenience please allow up to ten business days for the coupon for arrive. Thank you for taking the time to e-mail us. We appreciate your business.


Nicole B
Consumer Affairs