Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cole Garlic bread


I don't buy a lot of garlic bread - we do eat a lot of pasta, but usually it just stands alone, or maybe with some biscuits. Recently however, there was a good deal on Cole garlic bread mini loaf, and so we bought 2 loaves.

But each of them had major problems - the instructions say to open the garlic bread to cook it, but for both loaves, this proved impossible - they stuck together, making one side have very little of the garlic and spices (since it all stuck to one side). Even trying to defrost or microwave it a little to soften it up proved fruitless.

We were very disappointed in our experience with Cole Garlic bread.

Thank you for your time

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Walmart wheat sandwich bread


I am writing with a complaint about the Ridge / Highland Wal-Mart store (#2250) in Cincinnati, Ohio. I shop at this store fairly regularly, and usually on Saturday mornings. I understand that Saturdays are sometimes the end of a sales cycle, and that merchandise deliveries don't always come every day, but very frequently, when I get to the store on Saturdays, the Great Value wheat sandwich bread (in the orange-ish bag) is out of stock.

This is a problem for me as I am forced to either a) go to another store, b) buy white bread that my family does not prefer or c) spend $3-4 extra to buy 4 loaves of more expensive bread.

Since this is not a one-time occurrence - while not every week this does happen with some regularity, I wish that you would stock more of the wheat sandwich bread!!!

Unfortunately, even as I write this, I despair of anyone reading my comments much less following up on it, as the past 2 times I have written to Walmart I have effectively been ignored.