Thursday, November 11, 2010

Middletown Library

I am writing to complain about the complex and completely unnecessary qualifications for selecting a library PIN.

Shouldn't *I*, the account holder, be responsible for what kind of PIN I want?

Do you REALLY think that there are tons of people out there that are just DYING to hack into someone's library account and reserve or checkout books on it??!?! Seriously?

Cmon people throw me a bone here! It is highly frustrating that not only do I have to request a PIN reset every time I want to do something at the library because I can't possibly even remember the overly complex PIN I was required to submit, but then it takes me 3 times to even put a new one in (which I have already forgotten and it's only been 10 minutes). First it's not long enough, then it's not "secure" enough. Sheesh.

I probably shouldn't have written that while I was still angry about it but I sent it anyways :-). Note too the correct usage of PIN instead of PIN "number"

Monday, November 8, 2010

Enterprise Rent-a-car


I would like to let you know about my recent weekend car rental with your company. I was planning a weekend trip to Atlanta and was lured in by one of your promotional emails for a $9.99 per day. I went all the way through the process only to find, just before submitting the order, that it was a 300 mile limit, which obviously would not work for a 1000 mile trip.

But that's not a big deal - it was probably on me for not reading carefully and I caught it before submitting the order, so no harm done.

I drove to the rental car office Friday morning at 8:30 with my "free double upgrade" email (from a different promotional email you sent me). Even though I had this free upgrade, I kind of wanted to just stick with the compact. There were only 2 of us traveling, and not much luggage, so the better MPG was more attractive to me.

But when I got there, I was told that the only compact available had no cruise control! Seriously? In 2010?!?! So I went with a standard size (Dodge Avenger). The car itself was nice, but it smelled of cigarette smoke. It wasn't overpowering, but it was definitely noticable to me (a non-smoker).

I was confused since it was made abundantly clear to me upon checkout that smoking (and pets) were not allowed in the car, subject to a large fee. I don't know if this was a new policy, or if the person that checked this car in previously either did not notice or did not care, or maybe if they thought that it was "good enough" to re-rent. I know that different people have different tolerances for the smell of smoke (often depending on whether they themselves smoke or not)

In any case, it did not ruin the car or the weekend, but it was frustrating and I thought you should know.