Friday, July 15, 2011

McDonalds charging for water

I was at the McDonalds at 7916 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati OH last night, and with my food order, I requested a small cup of water for myself and my dining companion. I was informed that water costs 25 cents.

I was very disappointed. Not only is the assumption that water is generally free at restaurants, but there was no sign indicating water cost money, nor was it on the posted menu. Additionally, the previous two times I had been recently to this same McDonalds (both within the past week), I was not charged for water.

It is certainly your prerogative to charge whatever you want for water or anything else, but I would just ask that if you are going to charge for water (again, something that is generally free in most restaurants), that you a) put it on the menu or indicate what it costs with a sign of some sort and b) enforce it consistently