Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Quizno's complaint

Another guest complaint

To whom it may concern:

I have enjoyed visiting the Quiznos restaurant near my place of work for over three years now. At my peak I visited the restaurant 3-4 times per week. I enjoy Quiznos primarily for the level of quality in your toasted subs. Even though there are closer and cheaper dining options to my workplace I felt visiting Quiznos was worth the time and expense. That is until my visit on Tuesday, August 30th.

I'd first like to say that this franchise used to be one of the best run counter-service restaurants I had ever visited. A man and his son ran the dinner and lunch shift, respectively, and were excellent hands-on managers. I don't know if the owners sold the store or simply stopped running things day to day, but quality and service have gone drastically down hill.

In general, there have been three large areas of regression. First customer service is simply less friendly, less fast, and less welcoming than before. I used to be recognized when entering and wished a good day when leaving, no longer. The trash cans now overflow forcing trash onto the ground, which was previously unthinkable. The employees, perhaps suffering from high turnover, don't know the menu well. I often have to correct them about what sauces or toppings go on a certain sub, even featured items being advertised in the restaurant!

Despite these issues I continued to frequent my local store, partially though nostalgia, and partially because despite the service the subs themselves were still delicious. Sadly my most recent sub order was far from what I expected...

I entered the store as the only customer, and ordered my usual Bourbon Grilled Steak sub (I know the sub as a the Black Angus Steak and the old staff would prepare it when that name was requested). The sandwich maker grabbed the steak packets, but rather than placing them in boiling broth to heat them she walked them out of site into the back of the restaurant. I noticed the water/hot plate area was missing and assumed it was being refilled or similar, something that I've encountered once or twice, and while I don't terribly enjoy my sub being partially made out of site, I did not think it was worth a comment. What did provoke a comment and a sudden exit was when the employee returned, placed my meat in a small soup container, and placed both IN THE MICROWAVE. I asked her if she was microwaving my sub filling and she confirmed she was. I told her I wasn't interested in a microwaved sub and departed.

To be perfectly frank Quiznos subs are supposed to deliver premium quality, and they charge a usually justifiable premium price. I am shocked and appalled Quiznos has a policy to ever microwave meat, especially without giving the customer the option to pick a different sub instead. If your Arlington, VA based store wishes to maintain its premium image I recommend it not engage in practices more fitting for the local McDonalds.
Thank you for reading my feedback.

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