Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Popeye's Chicken

Guest Complaint!!

To whom it may concern:

I enjoy visiting Popeye's restaurants for the combination of good food and convenient hours even when I have to work or attend class late. Even though there are closer and cheaper dining options to my home I felt visiting Popeye's was worth the time and expense. That is until my visit on Sunday, August 28th.

Two positive points: the person on phone when I called to check hours was nice enough, and mash potatoes were tasty and fresh. Everything else went badly wrong, and I will not be returning.

Upon entering at 10:20pm nearly half the tables were occupied with employee papers, books, and laptops. Customer service was not friendly and I was generally served in silence. My chicken was cold. Not "not hot enough," but literally room temperature. I actually held a piece to my cheek and verified it was no warmer than the air and much colder than my own hand. Finally, upon trying to leave I had to unlock the door after being locked inside the 10:40pm, 20 full minutes before scheduled closing. Needless to say I didn't get a refill of iced tea, as the container was long gone.

If your store has no interest in keeping to their posted hours nor cooking fresh food a full 40 minutes before closing I suggest they alter their hours accordingly.

Thank you for reading my feedback.


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